Emmure Officially Welcome All Shall Perish Drummer To Their Lineup


Emmure have officially welcomed drummer Adam Pierce (All Shall Perish) to their lineup as a full-time member. The group said of his now proper addition:

“We are happy to officially announce Adam Pierce being the new drummer for Emmure. His professional attitude towards touring, writing music and being in Emmure has given us a very positive and energetic outlook for the future. This may not be news to some of you as we’ve been all over the world together at this point. We welcome Adam to the group.”

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Pierce should be no stranger to the bands fans as he has been playing with them for some time now. It remains unclear as to how Pierce‘s new station in the band will impact the upcoming new All Shall Perish album that is scheduled for a release later in the year. For what it’s worth, Pierce continues to list himself as a member of both outfits on his Twitter.

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