Ozzy Osbourne Hopes To Get Bill Ward Back For Final Black Sabbath Album


Black Sabbath‘s upcoming final album may also be a proper reunion for the outfit. Frontman Ozzy Osbourne has told that he hopes drummer Bill Ward will be involved in the effort:

“…What I’m really happy about is, if this is Black Sabbath‘s last hurrah, then we’ll have ended it on an up note rather than when I left in 1979 and everybody was fucked up on one thing or another and I was marked out as being the worst, you know. It ended on a bad note, so… The only thing sad about it is I hope Bill Ward can get his stuff together to do this because… one of the biggest things I’m proud of in my life was that Black Sabbath wasn’t a band that was created by some business mogul in London or New York. That we were four guys who had a great idea and it worked from record one, and we still… Would you believe that it took 45 years to get our first number-one album in America? It was amazing to me.”

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Ward and the band had a public falling out that led to him not being involved with the bands latest album, “13“. Meanwhile, later in the aforementioned interview Osbourne mentioned that writing for the swan song is still in the very early stages while he also hopes that ‘Ozzfest‘ may one day return.