Fantômas Offer More Details On “Wunderkammer” Vinyl Box Set


There’s some more official info now available for the upcoming Fantômas vinyl/cassette box set, “Wunderkammer“. Due out on this years Black Friday ‘Record Store Day‘ event (November 28th,) the set will retail around $100 USD. A limited mail-order release later in the year will also be made available. Here’s the official word:

“You want vinyl, you really want vinyl. So the guys in Fantômas along with Mackie O have created one of the most insane box sets EVER! WUNDERKAMMER is the name of the box set from Fantômas that comes out on US National Record Store day/Black Friday, Nov 28th 2014. This is literally a cabinet stuffed with each of the Fantômas records on vinyl and as a bonus it will include a cassette copy of the original Fantômas demo that Mike Patton created and recorded by himself of the very first Fantômas record. This was the tape he sent to Trevor, Buzz and Dave to get them onboard. This will be a limited box set and it will not be cheap (around $100 USD).

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We know that not all of you will be able to make it to a record store on Nov 28th to secure one of these bad boys, so we will be making very few available via mail-order later in the year. Stay tuned for those details. Also look for Fantômas performing THE DIRECTOR’S CUT in Santiago, Chile on Dec 5th & 6th.”

Fantômas are of course a supergroup comprised of Mike Patton of Faith No More, etc. fame, ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, Melvins frontman/guitarist Buzz Osborne and ex-Mr. Bungle, etc. bassist Trevor Dunn.

Fantomas - Wunderkammer

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