Korn’s Jonathan Davis Says He Used To Make “Tableaus” Out Of Embalmed Crickets


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis‘ past life as an aspiring mortician’s assistant has been well documented since the bands inception. Less has been said about the mental scars and the effect it had on him. He told the of the job, which he had when he was 17:

“It fucked me up. I got PTSD from it. Not from the mortuary, but from the Coroner’s Office. I was cutting up babies, doing autopsies on kids — horrible stuff that someone that young should not be exposed to. But I went to therapy, so I got over that.”

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He later revealed more about his odd hobby during that timeframe:

“…You know what I used to do? Sometimes in the embalming room, we’d have tons of crickets — crickets would come up out of the drain. So I’d grab these little crickets and shoot them full of embalming fluid to preserve them, and I’d make little tableaus and have a whole cricket family in a little house, gathered in a little kitchen or at a table. That was my little hobby. Now I look back and go, “How could such a severely disturbed person be doing that shit?” That’s some straight-up serial-killer stuff there, so I’m glad I got out.”

Korn are currently out on the ‘Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival‘ and will release a ‘world tour edition’ of their latest album “The Paradigm Shift” on July 15th.

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