Linkin Park Document “Hybrid Theory” Show Rehearsals, Discuss “The Hunting Party” Collaborations


Linkin Park chronicle their rehearsals for their coming “Hybrid Theory” full-album performance in the below video. The band will be performing that album during a headlining performance tomorrow, Saturday, June 14th. Meanwhile, band vocalist Mike Shinoda has discussed the collaborations featured on the bands new album “The Hunting Party“, which is out June 17th. He told of them:

All For Nothing” (feat. Page Hamilton of Helmet):

“That’s Page singing—there’s a double of me in there, but that’s him way up front. We hung out with him over the course of a day or two, and went back and forth over the song. It was just as much about meeting the guy and picking his brain and hearing cool stories about things that he’s done. But the other thing was, I really wanted him to know that this was a song we wouldn’t have made if I’d never listened to Helmet—you know, ‘It’s because of you that we wrote this. If you don’t want to sing on it, that’s OK, but we wanted to play it for you first. And if you want to be on the song, then you can be on the song.’ He liked it so much that he wound up singing on it, and he added some cool layers and chords on guitar.”

Rebellion” (feat. Daron Malakian of System Of A Down):

Daron came in, and we tried having him play over a couple of existing things. It wasn’t vibing at first, but Daron’s such a great songwriter, that having him play over an existing track wasn’t my first choice, anyway. I said, ‘Maybe if you come in with some stuff, we can work it out together.’ And he came in with these great riffs that made the song–that’s what we built it around. As he was doing it, I was laying out the drums on the keyboard, like I like to do, and his mind was just blown. He was like, ‘Oh my god, they sound real! Dude, that would have taken us days to get that done—and you did it in 15 minutes!’ So he was showing us a bit of his world, I was showing him some of our world–it was really collaborative.”

Drawbar” (feat. Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine):

“With Page and Daron and Tom, we sat and talked to each of them about their process and our process. Everybody writes songs differently, and I think fans would be surprised at how different it can be. With Morello, we just got together and jammed. We’re so far from a jam band, and that’s all he does, as far as writing. Rage Against the Machine wrote their songs by jamming them out; we write our songs on the computer, and then learn them after we’ve written what to play. But we got together with him and jammed, and that little interlude, that instrumental, was the best thing we made together. It didn’t end up being a song—we tried putting some vocals on it, but it just didn’t feel like that.”

If you’ve yet to hear it, a full album stream of “The Hunting Party” is currently available.