Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda: “We Didn’t Make A Botch Record. We Didn’t Make A Meshuggah Record. We Made A Really Loud And Aggressive Linkin Park Record”


The new Linkin Park album “The Hunting Party” (out June 17th) will likely be their heaviest to date. At least according to frontman Mike Shinoda, who tells

“It needed to be visceral. We need to weed out a lot of the soft, emo kind of approach to our music, and we need to weed out anything that feels aggressive for aggressive’s sake. We’re not 18-year-old kids making a loud record – we’re 37-year-old adults making a loud record. And what makes a 37-year-old angry is different than what made us angry back in the day.”

To that end the band explored the records from their youth with Shinoda citing albums from Helmet, Refused, At The Drive-In, Inside Out and more as inspiration, offering: “I was thinking, what albums predated nü-metal. Without these albums there wouldn’t have been Linkin Park.”

Beefing up the album are guest cameos from Helmet‘s Page Hamilton, who lends his vocals to “All For Nothing“, and System Of A Down/Scars On Broadway singer/guitarist Daron Malakian on “Rebellion“. Legendary rapper Rakim also of course appears on the previously-released “Guilty All The Same“.

Shinoda later offered of the beefed up affair:

“We didn’t make the heaviest record of all time. I’m very aware that there are super, super heavy bands out there that make music that is really, really gnarly. We didn’t make a Botch record. We didn’t make a Meshuggah record. We made a really loud and aggressive Linkin Park record, maybe the loudest we’ve made.”