Foreign Objects (CKY, Etc.) Streaming New Track “Galactic Prey”, CKY Working On New Album


CKY/World Under Blood vocalist/guitarist Deron Miller is forging ahead with a new album from his Foreign Objects project. The effort is titled “Galactic Prey” and you can stream the title track below.

Meanwhile, work also continues on a new CKY album, though the lineup is still in the air after a rather public fallout. Thus far only Miller and guitarist Chad I Ginsburg are confirmed to be involved, with Miller telling a fan earlier this month of the new material:

Chad and i collaborated on a very mellow, melancholy song idea last week…a strange style for our first attempt. its the first time we ever collaborated like that and it was pretty cool…by myself, i already have about 6 songs in the can ready to go to the next step. chad also played me some of his best ideas and im going to encourage him to write some full songs. its very mature sounding CKY…thats all i can say. i used the last 2-3 years to perfect the songs i have been working on, so its like Volume One all over again.

your debut album usually has songs youve had written for years. we finally have that luxury again. its going to be a very strong album, not as complex as CC, but not as stripped as AACBF…its gonna be the best elements of all the albums…and i have some good ideas of what we should do with this album once its done. i really want it to serve as the soundtrack to a CKY documentary…theres so much scary, violent, hilarious, disturbing and disgusting footage…a doc is LONG overdue.”

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