HELLYEAH’s Vinnie Paul Speaks On Lineup Changes, Touring Guitarist To Be Revealed Soon


HELLYEAH drummer Vinnie Paul opened up on the bands recent split with their guitarist Greg Tribbett (also of Mudvayne) and bassist Bobzilla. Speaking with Loudwire, he confirmed that the band will be touring with a fill-in guitarist at their upcoming live stops. Bassist Kyle Sanders (MonstrO, ex-Bloodsimple) has since permanently replaced Bobzilla.

Discussing the split and changes in general, VP stated:

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“It really brought us together. We finished the Gigantour with Megadeth and Black Label, which was a fuckin’ great tour. We really didn’t want to take any time off, man. We felt like we had really got some momentum and the fans were really into where we were going and what we were doing musically and we got into the studio about three weeks after that tour was over and it just really became obvious to us that Greg and Zilla, they weren’t really in the same head space as us.

So, for us to make this record we had to part company with those guys. I think Tom really fuckin’ stepped up to the plate and shined all the way through and same with Chad. It really did pull all three of us together we focused on making the best record we could possibly make.

Now that we finished that we’ve got Kyle in the band, Kyle is a good friend. we’ve known him forever, he’s an awesome bass player. He’s awesome on stage. Really didn’t want to go through any kind of auditions, we just knew that we wanted someone that was a bro that would fit right in and as soon as we called him before we could say, “Do you want to do it,” he’s like, “Yeah I’m in.” That worked out perfect.

We’ll have a touring guitarist that’s going to go out with us, we haven’t announced that yet, we know who he is and he’s a great player, great singer and a really good compliment to Tom on guitar. You’ll know about him in another week or so. Anyway, I think it’ll be the best version of the band ever and we’re really excited about getting back on the road and getting some touring going.”

The band will release their new album “Blood For Blood” on June 10th.

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