Candiria Drummer On New Material: “We Are Definitely Bringing The Elements Of Our Older Arrangements”


Candiria drummer Ken Schalk speaks of the bands long-awaited next album in an interview newly posted over at Gear Gods. When asked about the mentality and what the new material sounds like, he replied:

“Well obviously this EP that we’re putting together now is something that’s been culminating over the last few years. The first song I wrote goes all the way back to 2010 I think. And then I wrote another one in ’11, or early 2012. But John‘s songs also stem across these last few years, so some of them have that B to B sound that comes from the Lie vibe, but not in the vein of sounding like the Kiss The Lie type of music. There’s more energy and a more aggressive push to it. Not that I would say we came full-circle necessarily, but we are definitely bringing the elements of our older arrangements, of taking a more chapter-based approach to the songwriting.

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As far as any electronic music influence goes, obviously [it’s more relevant] today than the last time we wrote music, so whatever we’re implementing is based on how we’ve progressed musically with the times.

I would say the real hurdle, I guess, when everything is done, once we get all the songs tracked and the music is down… then it would be a matter of determining whether we want to go the full-on sound replacement road or not. We did that with What Doesn’t Kill You. We didn’t really do it [with Kiss The Lie]. We did add a snare drum layer… but other than that we didn’t really use any sound replacement.

So even though it’s become such an industry standard, we can still rest a little bit in knowing that we’re getting a clean enough recording that we may not have to do sound replacement. But I’m not opposed to it, because ultimately if we really want to build big tracks over these songs then we will, and we’ll do some sound replacements for layering.”

The first taste of new music from the outfit in quite some time will arrive on April 29th as part of the bands new 7″ “The Invaders“. While still unconfirmed, the outing’s title suggests it will feature the bands cover of Iron Maiden‘s “Invaders“.

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