Darkest Hour Guitarist Shares His Royalty Check


Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum has posted the below picture of a royalty check he was recently cut by Music Reports. Said company are known to handle royalty accounting, music rights licensing and more for numerous artists. If you’ve been following the previous royalty checks shared by artists, you’ll find no surprises here. Schleibaum said of the check via Facebook:

“This is what we call, “BIG TIME!” …don’t worry..big news is coming but for now..we got to spend all this cash!”

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Darkest Hour have been working on a new album in recent months with intentions to release it this year on Sumerian Records. Plans were also previously in the works for a reissue of their 2000 full-length debut “The Mark Of The Judas“, though it failed to meet its intended fall 2013 release.

Darkest Hour's Mike Schleibaum's Royalty Check