Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Backs Baroness & Kvelertak, Hints At Remastering Early Albums In AMA


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was the host of a an AMA (ask me anything) over at Reddit today, January 30th. Excerpts from some of his conversations can be found below:

On suing Napster:

“”No way he’s touching this question”…oooh here we go… A couple thoughts: I wish we had been better prepared for the shit storm that we found ourselves in. I don’t regret taking on Napster, but I do find it odd how big of a part of our legacy it has become to so many people, because to me it’s more like a footnote. I was also stunned that people thought it was about money.

People used the word, “greed” all the time, which was so bizarre. The whole thing was about one thing and one thing only – control. Not about the internet, not about money, not about file sharing, not about giving shit away for free or not, but about whose choice it was. If I wanna give my shit away for free, I’ll give it away for free. That choice was taken away from me.”

On if he has ever illegally downloaded a Metallica song himself:

“Yes. When Death Magnetic leaked 10 days early, one of the HQ guys was over at my house, drinking wine, and we played around with bit torrent and downloaded our own songs, which we figured we were somewhat entitled to do. The scariest part was how easy it was.”

On not playing “Trapped Under Ice” during their ‘Freeze ‘Em All‘ show in Antarctica:

“We forgot! We talked about it the week before but in all the momentary excitement, we literally forgot.”

On his feelings about Megadeth frontman/guitarist (and former Metallica member) Dave Mustaine:

“It hasn’t changed. I respect him as a musician and I will always love him as a brother and as a part of Metallica.”

On whether or not we’ll see another band as big as Metallica, etc.:

“That’s a great question. I think it would be so awesome if there was a band that come along and shook it all up again. I just don’t know who. I think the coolest band for me in the last couple years is Baroness.

I also love Norwegian band Kvelertak. But I just don’t know if any of these bands can take it to those heights unfortunately.”

On revisiting their earlier records:

“Yes, we are considering remastering some of the early records.”

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