Brutal Truth’s Dan Lilker Speaks On His Decision To ‘Retire’


With Brutal Truth to disband later this year following bassist Danny Lilker‘s retirement in October; Decibel got ahold of the man himself to find out what led to his decision. On that he said:

“Well, what brought it on is I’ve been doing this for a very long time, the whole thing where you’re in a full-time band, the recording, the touring cycle and everything like that. And I’m just getting weary of what it takes to go travel and go play a whole bunch of places. Now, I mean, I have to phrase this very carefully because… people will be like, “Oh, boo-hoo, I have to have my regular job. You get paid to go play other places and now you don’t feel like doing it anymore. Oh, that must really suck, you know? It sucks to be you.”

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But, you know, it is rigorous. And your body ages whether you like it or not. And I’ve found on tours recently, I’m just not getting enough sleep, I’m not eating right. Now, of course, it may be my fault since I decide to smoke a joint with the other guys at one in the morning, blah blah blah blah. But, you know, I’m not gonna not have fun either.

I just wanna ratchet things down a little bit, and that’s what it really is. So, that’s on to some of the misconceptions that have kind of floated around a little bit. I’m quite aware how the Internet works. You put one thing on one site that’s directed directly — if that doesn’t sound redundant — at people that you know will care, and then it gets copied and pasted all over the place, and then it’s like the old Telephone Game: it gets away from the source.

So, two things specifically I wanted to address was 1) I am not stopping playing music. I am merely stopping being — as I phrased it — a full-time recording and touring musician, which means Brutal Truth. I still play in two bands here in Rochester that you’re probably aware of anyway: Nokturnal Hellstorm and Blurring. I’m still in Venomous Concept. I’m still in NunFuckRitual.

If I am asked to fill in on a Lock Up tour when Shane [Embury] can’t do it, like I’ve done before, I will still do that. What I’m doing is just ratcheting things down so it’s just more occasional, as far as traveling. You know, I had Blurring practice last night. I have Nokturnal Hellstorm practice tonight. We’re both working on new tunes. And we’ll both be thinking about recording soon, and both bands play out here in Rochester, so I realize that people in Chile for example won’t get to see my band play here in Rochester or something, but that’s one thing.”

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