Sun & Sail Club (Fu Manchu, Ex-Kyuss) Preview “Hunted”


Sun & Sail Club (Fu Manchu, ex-Kyuss) have released the below audio preview of their new song “Hunted“. Taken from their debut effort “Mannequin” (out November 19th), the band said the following of the track:

“”Hunted” is about a movie from the 80s called “Ghetto Blaster.” When Travis, a middle-aged, working class man, returns home to visit his parents, he quickly learns that his hood is rife with criminal activity and gang warfare.

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Quickly, Travis finds himself thrust into a position to defend his family and neighbors from the punks who terrorize them on a daily basis. Good thing he has a military training, enabling the man to become a one-man vigilante unit against the forces of evil in his town.”