Police Arrest Man For Last Night’s Box Cutter Fight At Deicide, Broken Hope, Etc. Show In El Paso, TX


An arrest has been made regarding the box cutter incident at last night’s (October 22nd) Deicide, Broken Hope, etc. show at Tricky Falls in El Paso, TX. Police have taken thirty year old Jesus Ortega into custody after he allegedly attacked three people at the show with a box cutter.

Ortega stands charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and also faces unrelated outstanding traffic warrants. A report over at has Ortega’s mugshot and word that none of the injuries suffered by the three other concertgoers were fatal with all receiving hospital treatment.

It also mentions that police are presently unclear as to why the altercation took place. Ortega is being held at the El Paso County Detention Facility and may face further charges as a result of last night’s violence. His current bail is set at $150,686.03 USD. Meanwhile, the Tricky Falls venue owners are reviewing their security practices in light of the events.