Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor: “What I’m Trying To Do Is Be As Pure As When I Started”


Nine Inch Nails nucleus Trent Reznor spoke to on his current vision for Nine Inch Nails and more. Some excerpts from the chat include:

On what he thinks fans want from Nine Inch Nails in 2013:

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“That’s a good question — I don’t know. What I’m trying to do is be as pure as when I started. In the process of writing those first songs I realized that the only thing I can do well is express who I am truthfully. That has the most power. When I return to the writing process after being away from it for a while, the first part of it always is being honest with myself: What am I into right now? Is it rock bands and guitars, is it noise, is it dance beats and electronics? Is it space, is it clutter? And secondly, when it comes time to put pen to paper and express feelings, who am I right now? What do I, as a forty-seven or forty-eight-year-old man, have to say about anything? It takes time to rediscover that — in my day-to-day normal life I tend to not sit down and really think about how I feel. I’m not in therapy or in an AA meeting. “

On limiting his social media usage:

“That’s the main reason, yeah. I was experimenting with it when I was on tour and in search of constant stimulus. People saw “Oh, he might have a sense of humor and he’s not living in a coffin.” That didn’t fit into the mold of what either the press or myself had built up over the years. But Twitter, more than any other form of social media, can be at its most destructive when you’re paying too much attention to what people are saying. Lots of people say, “I don’t read reviews.” I’ve said that and I’ve been lying through my teeth, because I can’t wait to read every fucking word. But in the last few years, I’ve stopped reading all of it. There’s power in just shutting down — there’s too much information in the world. This culture we live in, whether it’s Instagramming your salad or putting out a sex tape, it’s kind of vulgar.”

On the bands eligibility for inclusion in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame:

“I feel neutral about it. It just seems so freaky. Being honest with you, the Oscar experience changed me. I’ve won Grammys in the past and it always felt like they didn’t mean anything. I got them for stupid fucking things like Best Metal Performance. If I’d won something I actually care about, like Best Packaging, that would’ve made me thought someone with taste was involved in the process. The experience of winning the Oscar for Social Network … I’m sure there are some bullshit aspects to that whole organization, but getting a glimpse into the film world as opposed to the music world, I was immediately impressed by how much more they care about things. It felt like it had some weight to it, and I was flattered. Then I thought, “Am I just being an asshole about the Grammys?” I don’t spend all day allowing myself to feel good about anything, generally. Once in a while, it’s okay to pause and say, “I felt like I did a good job and people agree, so that was nice.””

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