Korn’s Jonathan Davis Says He Knew “Never Never” Was “Going To Piss Off A Lot Of People”, Speaks On Detox


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis spoke of the controversy centered around the softer sound featured on the bands current single “Never Never“. Of that he recently told Teamrock Radio:

“We put this out first cause I knew it was going to piss off a lot of people. And um, so I did it. That song ain’t for dudes, it’s for the ladies.”

He also opened up on his detox/rehab process off of Xanax during the writing process for the bands coming new album, stating:

“I stopped writing and listening to music and a lot of stuff that I love. It was cause I was really battling with this detox off of benzo’s, it’s a horrible drug—they call it Xanax at home I don’t know what it’s called here—I was fighting, having seizures. I was shaking all the time, I couldn’t think, my brain actually was wired a certain way from the medicine, so it had to rewire itself, so I had one foot in reality and one foot out…”

The interview also saw Davis go on to discuss about his current obsession with funk, including the works of Rick James and Average White Band and more. The full interview can be heard below. Korn have an October 08th release date slated for their new album “The Paradigm Shift“.

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