The Ongoing Concept Saloon

Solid State Records 2013

No shirt, no shoes, no problem.

The Ongoing Concept - Saloon


The chorus of the first single (“Cover Girl“) from “Saloon” urges those listening to not “be the print of someone else’s painting.” For The Ongoing Concept this line isn’t just a clever hook, but a mantra which they govern themselves by.

Saloon” delivers a squirrely dose of lively metal(core). One that stitches together the finer traits of groups like Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, The Chariot, Every Time I Die and Look What I Did. Thriving on risky business, this outfit utilize everything within reach, from the honky tonk piano found on the explosive title track; to thematic lyrical content and skits; and even some banjo—the latter of which most notably emerges on the aforementioned “Cover Girl“.

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The benefits of having three brothers in their lineup are quite apparent; as every member of the band is equally committed to blazing trough their meaty cavalcade of ideas. Throughout the first half of the record they harness abrasive chaos and mold it into a surprisingly refreshing listen—if not for unexpectedness, than at least through unbridaled enthusiasm. Structure and composition never get in the way of a bold idea and autotune is not on the menu; making them quickly stand apart from the rest of the metalcore brood.

The material they deliver is clever and witty, but above all effusive. Sad it is then that around the halfway mark the reins begin to slip and their ambition gets a tad bloated. Top heavy piano ballads, bluesy excursions and touch of soulful pop are interesting additions to the groups repertoire. It’s just that when stuffed together so closely they can also bog down the feverish momentum already established by the maniacal raw nerve musing. Thankfully though it doesn’t take long for them to correct their course.

Saloon” regularly feels like a direct line to the bands creative core. There’s a lot of thought behind what they do, but it’s their passion and ability to fully immerse themselves in ridiculous genre pairings that gives them strength. The finished product can occasionally be uneven and a little immature, but it doesn’t stop The Ongoing Concept from doing something few young bands can do these days—stand out.

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