Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch: “I Know God Loves KoRn’s Music Because It’s Passionate And Very Honest”


Brian “Head” Welch has apparently been receiving flack from religious fans for rejoining Korn. Welch—a devout Christian—addressed the backlash via the latest installment of his ongoing ‘HeAd’s KoRner’ column at Loudwire with the following:

“Speaking of God, I was getting some crap from a few Christians that were commenting online that KoRn weren’t “honoring The Lord” in their music. There was a time when I didn’t think God would be very into KoRn’s music and lifestyle, but I’ve learned that He loves everyone where they’re at. And I know God loves KoRn’s music because its passionate and very honest. I just trip out on these people that have the balls to judge people so harshly with their negative, hateful attitudes. It’s crazy how bold people are online. Not one person has come with their negative attitudes to my face. Luckily, most of the Christians are cool and “get it.” I only have to deal with a small number of knuckleheads.”

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In other news, Welch‘s other group Love And Death will be re-releasing their “Between Here And Lost” album on August 20th. While full details have yet to be revealed, Welch has confirmed that the bands newly-recorded track “Empty” will be included upon the re-release.