Machine Head To Begin Demoing New Material This Week


Machine Head‘s Robb Flynn has revealed the news that the band will begin demoing new music today with Juan Urteaga (Cattle Decapitation, Heathen). Speaking via his ongoing journals, he said of the groups most recent progress with new material:

McClain and I had a really good jam session on Monday. It was one of those jam-days where you feel a breakthrough happen, a day where for no apparent reason several things fall into place and start to make sense. It is an amazing yet hard to explain feeling, but you know that a huge chunk of progress just happened! New riffs flowed, new ideas materialized and new concepts explored.

It was definitely one of “those” days. We had one more day of rehearsals yesterday and we’ll start demoing the new tunes today with my trusty engineer Juan from Trident Studios manning Da Tools. Phil begins his Jackson Guitars – Official! Clinic Tour overseas for a couple weeks, so it’s a perfect time to demo. I tend to take over the jam room when demoing, so rehearsals fall by the wayside as I track and experiment with a million different ideas…”

The bands search for a new bassist/vocalist to replace Adam Duce continues.

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