August Burns Red’s JB Brubaker: “I Want More Than Breakdowns And Pop Choruses These Days”


August Burns Red are apparently out to shake things up with their as-yet untitled next studio album which they are in the midst of recording. Band guitarist JB Brubaker recently sat down with to discuss where the album is headed.

According to Brubaker, bongos, congas, rototoms, bells, violin, cello, piano and trumpet are all on deck for the album. Of the diverse instrumentation Brubaker said:

“I don’t want to tell people there is a world-music influence on this album, but there are certainly more ‘Internal Cannon‘-esque interludes across the album. I think a good word for it would be diversity in general with these songs; we’ve been more ambitious with what we’ve put in the music this time ’round.”

Perhaps more controversially though, he shared the following viewpoint on metalcore:

“Metalcore is not an interesting genre at this point. It’s very repetitive and predictable; I want more than breakdowns and pop choruses these days.”

He further went on to state:

“Obviously I love this music or I wouldn’t be playing it, but I’m not 18 anymore and we’ve got to progress. And while we’re not trying to reinvent our sound with the new record, we’re definitely trying to broaden the spectrum of what is possible in this music. I feel like we have to.”