Funeral For A Friend Vocalist Speaks On Illness That Forced Concert Cancellations


Funeral For A Friend vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye has checked in with an update regarding his bout with illness that forced the band to cancel/postpone a series of European/UK dates. Here’s what he said:

“Hi everyone,

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I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s been asking after me the last few days. I’m doing good, getting better and should be more than fine to continue throwing myself around for the shows at the end of March and onwards.

I hate having to cancel anything and most of the time try my very best to avoid it but the virus that had been making the rounds throughout the last few weeks of tour decided to stop on me during the day off between the Birmingham and Tunbridge Wells shows. I wanted to play but when I started throwing up it was plainly obvious to everyone that it was not going to happen. The fever started to kick in, name it it all hit me.

I got home and have pretty much been bed ridden for five days, my doctor diagnosed a really bad case of viral influenza so now i’m getting through the aftermath of that. I’m getting better but sadly not well enough to play some of the shows/Euro shows we had booked. I’m happy that we have rescheduled the UK shows and we will try our very best to make it back to France/Spain and Portugal this year.

The UK tour was the one of the best touring experiences i’ve had since being in this band and i’m stoked that I got to speak to so many people who care about this band as much as I do. It goes without saying that health comes before everything but we will try to avoid any more cancellations going forward unless it’s impossible to do so. We don’t do this without good reason.

And for the cynics, no I have not lost my voice. I just did 20+ shows with two full sets in one day and it’s never been better. The virus kicked my ass and i’m not ashamed to say that ; )

Thanks again for the kind words. See you all out there soon enough!

Matt x”

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