Hatebreed The Divinity Of Purpose

Razor & Tie 2013

Back with a purpose.

Hatebreed - The Divinity Of Purpose


Metalcore’s reigning kings of perseverance have returned with their first proper full-length album since 2009. Ever true to form, it finds the band tearing through meaty riffs and bare knuckle bravado; spitting contempt in the face of oppression and encouraging oneself to deliver an ass whooping to adversity.

It’s certainly a well-proven formula for Hatebreed. One that has brought them success in the past and cemented their status as pit commanders. Thus when it comes to creativity, “The Divinity Of Purpose” isn’t exactly a stretch for the band. There is little featured on this album that you haven’t heard on any of Hatebreed‘s recent output. Instead what sets this album apart is not the ingredients—but rather the way they have been prepared.

For as meat(head) and potatoes as Hatebreed can be at times, they certainly know how to write an empowering song. “The Divinity Of Purpose” is chock-full of some of the groups most infectious works to date. Vocalist Jamey Jasta‘s menacing barks and anthemic chants are the crux of this attack. His relentless call and response and the subsequent gang chants that answer back beg for audience interaction. For definitive proof of that look no further than the opening of “Own Your World“.

The asphalt chewing hardcore featured on this album is certainly a career constant and the raw punk element at play here doesn’t go unnoticed. But what really makes this effort emerge a winner is the slicker integration of thrashy riffs and the concise songwriting. There’s little fat to be had as the band barrel through track after track of muscular self-motivation and bitter vitriol. Having purpose has almost always motivated men to greater heights and if this album is any indication, Hatebreed are firmly back on track.