Winds Of Plague’s Johnny Plague Supports For Today Members In The Wake Of Mike Reynolds Controversy


Winds Of Plague vocalist Johnny Plague has come out in support of the current members of For Today following the recent controversy the band faced. You likely recall that the group parted ways with their guitarist Mike Reynolds last week—shortly after he made a series of tweets regarding his religious views on homosexuality.

Speaking through his personal Facebook, Plague posted the following message earlier today, January 14th:

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“Sooo i have been out of the music loop as of late working on other aspects of my life but went on good ol Lambgoat today and saw a post about Mike from For Today making anti gay comments.

I have known For Today for many years now and although my ideology is obviously worlds apart from theirs i can honestly say they are some of the best people i have ever come across. I think it is very unfortunate and selfish that Mike would publicly make those comments knowing his name association with the band.

I back that band 100% and hope their fans stick by them through the bullshit and are smart enough to realize Mikes narrow minded comments dont reflect the opinions and views of the rest of For Today. May Jesus be with you and all that shit. Amen.”

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