Otep Says Certain Metal Websites “Are Complicit In Bigotry & Encouraging Shitheads 2 Troll”


Otep continues to sling barbs at select metal news websites. Following the horribly misguided accusations she leveled against yesterday (November 29th); she has since taken to slamming—and seemingly other metal oriented websites as well.

Speaking via this Twitter conversation, she stated that:

“The “metal” community remains fragmented bcz sites like this are complicit in bigotry & encouraging shitheads 2 troll”

A Twitter user by the name of “Onezumi” replied to her comment with: “it’s a shame that sexism seems to be a Thing even in metal where we are supposed to be an alternative to shit ”

Otep responded to that comment with the following:

“Exactly. This is where misfits & rogues should be welcomed. I’ve been doing this for a decade & these fecal worms still hate”

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