Arsis Officially Welcome New Guitarist


Arsis have officially made touring guitarist Brandon Ellis a permanent member. He replaces Nick Cordle—who exited the band to join Arch Enemy. Arsis vocalist/guitarist Jim Malone shared the following regarding the full-time addition of Ellis to the band:

“I am super happy to say that Brandon Ellis has recently become the new lead guitarist for Arsis. Not only is he one of the best musicians that I have been able to work with, but he shares my passion for all things that are 80’s metal, including ridiculously tacky paint jobs on guitars. I am beyond excited about writing new material with Brandon. Until then, listen for his shredilicious leads on the upcoming Arsis full length. Come check him out live with Arsis this December!”

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Bassist Noah Martin also chimed in:

“Initially when Nick joined Arch Enemy, we all thought we could make it work with him having the time for both bands. Things unfortunately overlapped and we weren’t able to work on the new album with him. We appreciate everything he’s done for Arsis. We’ll miss our friend greatly and do wish him all the best. Both Nick and Ryan Knight (The Black Dahlia Murder), contributed ridiculous leads for the album.

Brandon‘s solos on this full-length are both crushing and particularly creative. His presence, along with Shawn‘s (Priest – drums), were integral to the tone of this album. We’re in the post-production stage, now that the masters were just finished. In the meantime, come have beers with us on the Sonata Arctica run!”

As mentioned above, Arsis will soon be out on the road as part of this tour with Sonata Arctica. They will follow it with some headlining shows on their own. A new studio album from the group titled “Unwelcome” is due in the new year.