Tomahawk’s Duane Denison Talks New Album “Oddfellows”


Tomahawk‘s Duane Denison had a chat with regarding his bands long-awaited new album, “Oddfellows“. Among the things he had to say of it was the following:

“Some of this album is, to me, fairly straightforward hard rock and then some of it is … I don’t know what you’d call it — avant-pop or something? If anything, I think the album is a bit hookier and has bigger choruses than anything we’ve done. There’s a lot of group vocals from song to song, almost these Greek choruses showing up. To me, it’s kind of depressing when I go see a band or hear a record where the songs all have a similar rhythmic feel or the vocals always start on the downbeat. At the same time, you don’t want things to be so different that it doesn’t even sound like it’s the same band. You want it to sound like it’s the same people with the same point of view — you’re just expressing it in a different way.”

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The group, who also feature members and alumni of Faith No More, Helmet and Mr. Bungle, will release the effort on January 29th via Ipecac Recordings. A 7″ single for their song “Stone Letter” will arrive as part of Record Store Day‘s “Black Friday” celebration on November 23rd. A digital release of the same track will follow on December 04th.

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