Between The Buried And Me The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Metal Blade Records 2012

The future is bright.

Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence


A continuation of the space traveling characters established on “The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues“; the latest album from Between The Buried And Me is very much a gated listen. Thanks to the sheer density of the music itself, plus the dizzying number of part changes and genre shifts, it’s almost a given that little will be retained during initial spins.

It’s only on say your fifth go around with the album that things start to click. The clever intricacies become more apparent and the erratic song progressions begin to make sense. Once this welcoming state of consciousness is achieved, “Future Sequence” reveals itself to be a tightly wound and unrelenting tour through the musical cosmos.

A lethal display of progressive brutality whose subdued playfulness is perhaps more symphonic and serious than ever. It’s an exceptional listen to be sure though—one fully capable of bewilderment and contusions.

Be it the kooky Mr. Bungle-styled carnival sequences that break up “Extremeophile Elite” and “Bloom“; the smokey guitar and accompanying electrified mesh of “Telos“; or the rubbery fretless bass tones featured on “Melting City“—both the bands creative writing and musical ability are always at the forefront. To have a repertoire that can see stark melodies beautifully emerge amidst a crushing display of sonic violence (see “Silent Flight Parliament“) and not have the listener bat an eye is wholly impressive.

Truly “The Parallax II: Future Sequence” once again cements the bands position as a leading act when it comes to the field of spacey progressive technical metal. It’s a fearlessly celestial undertaking that bridges shimmering prog rock with bestial carnage; all while enrapturing and enlightening in the same instance.

Sure it may be a touch too heady as it certainly finds the outfit at their most grandiose. But it accomplishes much worthy of praise and features so many highlights that you just might discover a new galaxy hidden somewhere amongst the songs.