All That Remains’ Phil Labonte “I’m Not Afraid To Say This Is My Opinion. If You Don’t Like It, Hit The Road”


All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte had a lot to say in a recent interview with Noisecreep. In addition to discussing the groups forthcoming album “A War You Cannot Win” (out November 06th on Razor & Tie); he shared his thoughts on gun control, politics, the recent shootings and expressing himself.

Some excerpts from that can be found below with the full feature available at the aforementioned link:

On not being afraid to express his opinions:

“You get what you get. I hate when lead singers and people in bands are so afraid of offending their fans that they don’t say how they really feel so they don’t bum people out. Well, everything you do might bum someone out so simply be yourself. I don’t like rockstars. I didn’t start playing in bands to get chicks.

When I started playing music there were no chicks to be seen. It was a sea of virgins. I’m not afraid to say this is my opinion. If you don’t like it, hit the road. What’s the big deal? If I have an opinion, it’s one individual opinion out of 6.5 billion people on Earth.

What does it mean? Absolutely nothing. So what if I said something that you don’t like. It’s not going to change the world one iota.”

On his political affiliation:

“I’m a libertarian. I believe that the government is massively expansive and has taken powers that it does not have. It should not be in the business of deciding who you should or should not be able to marry. It should not be in the business of deciding what drugs you can and cannot take and what you can put in your body.

It should not It should not be in the business of taking your money in the form of taxation. It should not be in the business of deciding if you should carry a gun. We don’t need all these federal agencies that we have. They’re a waste of money. They end up being bureaucracies. The government never ends up getting smaller. It only gets bigger.

Once a federal agency is created it never goes away. They don’t need to spend as much as they do. We don’t need to be in 130 different countries across the world. We don’t need a military as big as we have.

If we took the army and cut it by 90% that would be fine by me. I think we should we keep the navy that we have because the constitution does says that we should have a navy and if we took the naval power that we have now we can definitely protect the US and Europe.

We have nuclear weapons. What do we need a standing army for? We can downsize the army to the point where it’s just the rangers and the Special Forces and be done with it. We don’t. If someone attacks us we should retaliate with the most violent force imaginable but otherwise we shouldn’t be sticking our noses into other countries. We’d be much happier if we didn’t. If someone attacks us – nuke ’em! [laughs]”