Molotov Solution: “The Band Is Still A Band, We Are Just Inactive”


Molotov Solution have spoken a bit on their plans to go on indefinite hiatus. While some of the band appear to the band is over, others continue to insist their inactivity is more of an indefinite hiatus. The following two updates were recently posted regarding the situation via the bands Facebook:

“Just to clear the air, we are not looking for a new singer. We appreciate all the interest from some of you out there wanting to try out and keep the name alive, but truth be told no one can replace Nick and there are no try outs. We are sorry and hope you understand. Thank you.”

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“Another thing, Nick did not quit Molotov Solution and the band is still a band, we are just inactive. It’s going to take time to figure things out and get our feet back on solid ground. This band will probably never tour full time again, hell, it may never tour ever again, that’s what “future plans are still up in the air” means. We will stay active on the Facebook and continue spreading news, support, and our message any way we can. And of course as soon as we have Molotov Solution news or announcements you will know as soon as possible. Thanks again for all the love and support. And again sincerest apologies for cancelling our future tour dates.”

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