Endwell Speak On Their Next Album


Having shifted their focus to being a studio band, Endwell have checked in with the following update regarding their next release:

going to write a new album soon. We’ve already started toying around with some ideas but we’re really not sure where we want to take the bands sound this time around. I mean at this point we could tune down to G and play sludge with 100% clean singing over it…we could go up to Drop D and write a grunge-core album….we could tune to standard totally just say fuck everything and sound like Turmoil covering The Beatles…or we could totally prog out like Mastodon. I’m just fuckin’ around but seriously whatever we decide to do will not be what you’re expecting from us…or maybe it will. Who knows. see ya on the 25th. EVERYONE should come out to the kicking corpse this Friday we’re playin’ with a bunch of great bands”

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