John Garcia And Brant Bjork Of Kyuss Lives! Speak Further On Trademark Lawsuit


Vocalist John Garcia and drummer Brant Bjork of Kyuss Lives! have spoken at length with about the ongoing lawsuit filed against them by former bandmates, Josh Homme and Scott Reeder.

According to the conversation, Garcia believes the band are innocent of the charges of trademark infringement and consumer fraud alleged against them. Bjork himself had the following to say about the charges:

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“How would I steal a name that I myself found? Trademark infringement and consumer fraud are accusations used by Josh and Scott to justify why they do not want John and I to continue as a band without them. As for consumer fraud, we had a successful last year performing sold out shows all over the world. Kyuss fans are intelligent, conscious people. If they thought this was consumer fraud, they wouldn’t have supported it. Their accusation of consumer fraud a year after our successful tours is very insulting to us and to the fans.”

Garcia later followed up with:

“Let this also be known: to say that we tried to “steal” the name Kyuss is 100% ridiculous and false. Josh Homme and Scott Reeder are suing us for financial gain. They had two ways they could have chosen to go about this. One: file the lawsuit privately and without incident, or Two: file it in conjunction and then simultaneously issue both a widespread press release and statements. Because of Josh and Scott, this is a very sad time for Kyuss fans. As I have always said, it was only out of pure respect that I decided to name the band Kyuss Lives! and not Kyuss and it was because one of the major pieces – Josh – was not there and everyone knew that.

Win or lose, we believe that the name Kyuss Lives! is worth fighting for, and regardless of the outcome of this foolish lawsuit Josh Homme and Scott Reeder have filed against us, we will continue conducting business as usual and connecting with our amazing loyal fans. It is our God-given right to play any and every Kyuss song anywhere and anyhow we see fit, no matter who wrote what, and we will continue to do so for as long as we are alive. Because of this, we have already won.”

Among other topics included in the Q&A are some disparaging words towards Homme‘s intentions; the addition of bassist Billy Cordell to the group (replacing Nick Oliveri); and more.