All Shall Perish NOT Involved In New Wave Of Anti-Piracy Lawsuits Against BitTorrent Downloaders (Updated)


All Shall Perish and Nuclear Blast have apparently taken a stand against online piracy. A lawsuit was filed in a Miami, FL federal courthouse last week on the groups behalf by World Digital—a Panamanian company that licenses the bands material.

Apparently the suit seeks to unmask the users of around 80-100 IP addresses, which they claim illegally downloaded the bands latest album, “This Is Where It Ends“, via BitTorrent.

The suit alleges that each of the defendants be held “jointly and severally liable for the direct infringement of each other defendant” and seeks statutory damages of $150,000 per offender.

More on the proceedings can be found over at and

Update – April 27th 5:50pm:

The Artery Foundation‘s Ryan Downey, who manages All Shall Perish, has come out saying that the band is not involved in the lawsuit. He stated the following on the matter in a letter directed towards the Miami New Times:

“The headline is factually untrue, the lede is aggressively presumptuous at best and libelous at worst; in fact, by the time it makes it to ‘graph 4, it flat out contradicts the headline and lede.


The blog says, “Omar Ortega, World Digital’s attorney, could not be reached for comment.”

I have no idea who Omar is, or World Digital, nor does anyone in the band, or their attorney. But we all can be reached for comment EASILY. Had the writer made even the simplest attempt to contact the band, the label, or myself, we could have told him IMMEDIATELY we have no idea what this is about…”

All Shall Perish themselves have also released the following statement:

“ALL SHALL PERISH ISN’T SUING ANYONE least of all our fans. No idea what this blog is talking about. WE AREN’T SUING ANYONE. We have no knowledge of any lawsuit. Our management and legal representation know nothing about it. Nobody from this blog contacted us to ask about it, either. We are looking into it and exploring our options.”

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