Nasum Planning Australian, Japanese & European Dates


Nasum have announced that they are plotting Japanese, Australian and South East Asian tours for this this summer; with a short European run to follow in September/October. The following statement was released by drummer Anders Jakobson regarding that and a newly-announced May 11th show at the Kulturhuset in Orebro, Sweden:

“Every ending has a start (sounds totally Tolkien)…and this particular start will rule no end!

To blast off the Nasum farewell tour, we have decided to book an intimate gig in the city where it all began – Örebro, Sweden. On Friday May 11th, one week before we start the North American leg of the tour, Nasum will do a one off show at Kulturhuset in the band’s hometown. We have asked death metal kings Vomitory and Bombus (Sweden’s answer to the Melvins) to join us for this intimate but special show to send us on our way to grind the fuck out of the rest of the world.

At the same time, we would like to announce that we are also planning for a few shows in Japan and Australia respectively this summer, as well as a gig or so in South East Asia on the way there. Stay tuned for dates, cities, venues…and other potential continents.

If you live in Europe, it might interest you to know that we ARE planning to do a limited amount of club shows around Europe in September/October.

After that, there will be no more Nasum. We want to keep these farewell shows special, and are intent on not doing too many. We are trying hard to come play to as many of you as possible all the while limiting the amount of gigs we schedule.

We said it before and we’ll say it again: if you wanna see Nasum blast shit to bits, this is your last chance!”

Thus far Nasum have enlisted Rotten Sound‘s Keijo Niinimaa to handle the parts of their late frontman/guitarist, Mieszko Talarczyk.