Becoming The Archetype Preview New Remixes, Work On New Album


Two clips from Becoming The Archetype‘s forthcoming remix outing, “Celestial Progression” can be found over at The group will release the outing on April 17th. In addition to that, they recently announced that a brand new studio album is in the works. Here’s what they had to say on that:

“…BTA is gearing up to record a new album in a few months. We’ve already begun writing and these riffs are immediate headbang material. We’re going more heavy on this album and letting go of some of the more extreme experimentation that we explored on Celestial Completion.

Now, that’s not to say that the next album will be completely experiment-less. We’ve always had unique, progressive sounds and those will never go away. But strange sounds will not be the focus of the next record. The focus of the next record is riffs that just blow you away with their heaviness and headbangability. Yes, I just made that word up.

We’ve also got a lyrical concept in mind for the album and it’s one I think you’ll enjoy. I won’t give away all the secrets yet, but I can say that it will continue the BTA tradition of speaking eternal truths by means of allegory and overt spiritual tones.

I’m declaring that now is officially the time to start getting excited about a new BTA record. Let your brain run wild!”

If that wasn’t enough band guitarist/vocalist Seth Hecox is working on a folk side project with his former Archers bandmate Brandon Michael Williams. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help fund the potential release.