The Atlas Moth, Stomach Earth, Early Graves, Zombi, Etc. Contribute New Music To Upcoming “DTV” Book Soundtrack


Stomach Earth (The Red Chord), The Atlas Moth, Early Graves, Graf Orlock, The Austerity Program, Zombi and more have all contributed music to the soundtrack of the upcoming book “DTV” (Direct-To-Video).

The book was written by “Decibel” magazine’s managing editor Andrew Bonazelli and is described as:

“…A super-cool fusion of literary prowess and action-movie bravado, and though fully aware of the inherent, unintentional comedy found in the genre, Bonazelli has avoided the tongue-in-cheek route, instead crafting a story that celebrates the machismo, animal magnetism and culture of American action movies from the ‘80s and ‘90s. The novel itself is a brilliantly fun and poignant read, and could do for action movies what the nouvelle vague did for Hitchcock and Orson Welles.”

More info on the soundtrack can be found below:

“Paired with the book is an accompanying soundtrack performed by a who’s-who of underground musicians either covering their favorite action-movie music, or playing an original inspired by the book. The Atlas Moth, Wolvhammer, Total Fucking Destruction, Graf Orlock, Cretin and Liberteer’s Matthew Widener, Great Falls, Stomach Earth (Mike “Gunface” McKenzie of The Red Chord), Dirt Farmer, The Austerity Program, Lauderdale and members of Zombi and Early Graves all contribute tracks ranging from original pieces to covers of music from such films as Robocop, Double Impact, The Running Man and Out for Justice.”

Pre-orders for the book & soundtrack are currently available at with a March 30th release date expected.