Gojira’s Mario Duplantier Talks New Album & Sea Shepherd EP


Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier recently sat down with to discuss the bands forthcoming new album for Roadrunner and more.

Speaking on the album:

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“We have a title but we can’t reveal it yet. The title will be surprising. We need to decide on the songs. At the moment we have 14 or 15 songs recorded but personally I would love to have all the songs on the album. I think we are keeping two songs as bonus tracks or something special. The album is simpler; there is more space and atmosphere which makes it massive. I think we created something big, catchy, kept the violence but we are more subtle this time.”

On the status of the groups long-delayed Sea Shepherd EP:

“We should have kept it a secret. We have a few things to do. We had a few problems come up and one was that the computer crashed and lost the hard drive. But when the new album is released, we will start working on it again. It will be a priority for sure.”