Mike Patton Discusses The Status Of His Numerous Projects, Sheds Light On Faith No More’s ‘Mystery Song’


The identity of Faith No More‘s recently played mystery song looks to have been revealed. In a candid and lengthy interview with, Mike Patton was asked about the bands upcoming live performance of “King For A Day… Fool For A Lifetime and offered:

Movieweb: Are you going to play some of those King for a Day B Sides during this show? Or is it going to be straight through track one to I’m Just a Man?

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Mike Patton: I think we are just going to do front to back. I think there maybe…We are doing a tune we’ve never done from that era. I guess that would be a B Side. I don’t know if we released that at all…I don’t know (laughs)!”

If that weren’t enough to seemingly identify the mystery track, the following exchange also took place:

Movieweb: Last question, which I know people keep asking, and we get the back and forth from Roddy and Billy Gould all the time. Do you think there will be new material, a new song, or possibly a new album from Faith No More sometime in the future?

Mike Patton: Well…There are no plans. That is all I can say. We have basically talked very little about it. I think that is because we are really just getting to know each other again. And we are getting to enjoy each other’s company again. We are taking it, and appreciating it for what it is. We are not trying to look too far ahead. That is the honest truth.”

Patton also fielded numerous inquiries about his various projects during the interview. In regards to the status of Crudo (his project with Dan “The Automator” Nakamura,) he responded:

“Well, I don’t believe there is a record. We certainly haven’t released anything. That is one of those projects that, I think, is on the shelf. I don’t know if people have found it somehow. But I’m not even really sure where it is, to be honest. I think it’s important sometimes…You don’t have to release everything you do. Some ideas need to just stay on the shelf. That’s not to say it’s not good, or that I’m not proud of it. There are a lot of other considerations. It’s just not fit for consumption yet.”

Meanwhile, he also mentioned that he plans to work on a new Peeping Tom album next year; begin recording a new Tomahawk album in February; plus there is a new Mondo Cane album in the works along with plans for a live DVD at some point.

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