Barn Burner Respond To “Scum Of The Earth” Music Video Backlash


Apparently some viewers took issue with Barn Burner‘s recently premiered NSFW music video for their track “Scum Of The Earth“. A statement regarding was made through the bands Facebook and can be read below:

“Dear Friends and Fans of Barn Burner,

I am writing in regards to the backlash to our video for “Scum of the Earth”. There are some people whom I love and respect that we have offended with the content of the video. I want to make it very clear that we had no intention whatsoever of offending anyone in any way, shape or form.

We in Barn Burner have always been sensitive to the many issues that surround us in this world and if anyone has ever taken the time to read my lyrics they will understand the effort in confronting these issues. Our and the directors intention was to convey the band in a ridiculous and cartoon way. This video’s purpose was to be fun and over the top, embellished, exaggerated, and literally taking the piss out of previous videos that might have used women in an objectifying manner. We have always used humor in a way to bring people together so the idea that we have alienated friends and fans of this band is very upsetting to us.

If those of you did not see the humor in this and are offended I am deeply sorry. If anyone wants to discuss this with myself or anyone else in the band please feel free to contact us. Thank you and party on.

Kevin and Barn Burner

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