The Chariot’s Lancaster, PA Set Cut Short After Altercation With Security


The Chariot‘s set at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA last night (October 13th) took a turn for the worse. Apparently band guitarist Stephen Harrison got into an altercation with venue security which initially saw them ejected from the club and barred from entering again. Harrison recounted the experience via his Twitter last night:

“Kicked out of the venue. Sitting in the rain. Excellent. So I was climbing this thing, 2 security guards grabbed me and were pulling me off, and a third grabbed my hair and threw me on the ground. I was on the ground, There was alot of yelling, then they decided to stop our set even though I was the one that got slammed. Weird.

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Then they were afraid of a riot because there were alot of angry people, so they said we had to leave the venue before the show can continue. We got to go back in at the end But the owner didn’t want me talking about what happened. I think because he’s the one who slammed me. But it’s all good. Got to talk to some cool people at the end of the show, I forgave security, and the rest of the show was rad. Good night.”

Footage of the incident has yet to surface, but I’ll keep an eye out for it because I’m so good to you.