Slipknot’s ‘Clown’ Producing New Dirtfedd EP


Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn Crahan will be producing Dirtfedd‘s upcoming new EP. He is currently doing pre-production with the group and commented on the process with the following:

“Last thing I want to share is that I am working with one of my favorite bands again “Dirtfedd“. I produced their first album The American Nightmare. We had such a great time and these guys opened for Slipknot a few time and killed it. They are amazing and they are really good people. I am producing a EP for them that will be out early next year and today is the second day of pre production.

We went through 15 songs and brought it down to 6 for the EP. There always will be a live video that I will direct and a making of the album video as well. Most music today blows so you need to check them out for yourselves and get with them. The album I produced is on I Tunes and you can check out their Facebook as well. They are call Dirtfedd and they are the shit. I will be posting pictures all day of us working. Enjoy your Saturday my friends. Be safe.