New Design Launch Tweaks, Possible Things To Come


So a few days into the new prp layout and the dust is settling. There’s still a few irons in the fire and ideas are being tossed around. Polls, some new prp shirts finally (that is if anyone gives a shit), some tweaking of comments, etc. Not entirely sure if all will become a reality or when, but that’s what’s in the works. If you are encountering bugs or have any issues, please comment here so they can be addressed.

Also, if you haven’t noticed I’ve also been quite the prick in the news lately. Not trying to be a full on asshole, but after typing the same interchangeable news pieces for the last few years, I needed a break to make it interesting. If you hate it, sorry, but I promise I won’t be too over the top with it. At least not like the Van Canto video below:

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