Emmure Frontman Divulges The Meanings Behind The Songs On “Speaker Of The Dead”


Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri recently sat down with to discuss the meanings and inspirations behind the songs featured on the bands newly-released album, “Speaker Of The Dead“. An excerpt of Palmeri elaborating on the the songs “Cries Of Credo” and “My Name Is Thanos” respectively can be found below:

Cries Of Credo
Cries Of Credo” is dedicated to the great and wise Credo Mutwa and his teachings of the Zulu Pantheon, which is the true origin of man. I was inspired to share my feelings towards the stories Credo has shared with the world, especially one involving being abducted and raped by aliens. I know to some, this might seem very strange and far-fetched, but this is a man with a message that must be heard. The song also deals with sexual abuse and questioning one’s faith in religion and God.”

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My Name Is Thanos
Consider this song an introduction to things to come. For the record, my name is Thanos Reignz, although you may know me as Frankie Palmeri. My true self is beginning to emerge, and this song is merely a preview of the story I am preparing to share with the world.”

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