Deftones Reflect On “White Pony” In New Interview


Rock Sound have published a revealing interview with the DeftonesChino Moreno and Abe Cunningham regarding the creation and impact of their 2000 effort, “White Pony“.

An lengthy extract from the feature can be found at the above link, with an except from band frontman Chino Moreno regarding the track “Back To School (Mini Maggit)” available below:

“I remember the record had already been out for a while and had some radio play, but they wanted a second single and they didn’t think there were any more on the record. I said, ‘Well how do you know, because you haven’t tried with any others?’

I remember them sitting me down and pointing me out Papa Roach and Linkin Park had sold 6 million albums while we hadn’t sold a tenth of that. To me, they were saying they wanted some rap-rock, and at the time I was already way over making music like that., but my response was no way at first, and then they pointed out the chorus of ‘Pink Maggit’ was so great, so they asked me to rewrite it as a three-minute song.

They kept hounding me about so I was like ‘Watch this’, because formulaic songs are so easy to write…”