Kataklysm Finish Writing New Album, Offer Update


Kataklysm have completed writing new material for their next album, “Heaven’s Venom“. The band will oversee the production duties for the album themselves, while Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Suicide Silence) has been tapped to mix. A fall release date through Nuclear Blast is expected while the following tentative track titles have been revealed:

Soul Made Of Shrapnel
Blind Savior
Hail The Renegade
Push The Venom

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In the meantime, band frontman Maurizio Iacono had the following to say about the effort:

“It’s done after two years of hard work! We really made sure we had every element covered, going over all the riffs and arrangements hundreds of times to make it the best it could be. Our fans have given us so much over the years and it was time for us, without any label pressure or time limit, to give back with the album they have been waiting for. We think we’ve accomplished something special, but we are not going to say this is the heaviest or best KATAKLYSM and all that stuff. The fans will decide that. I just know the mission is accomplished when all of us have big cheesy smiles on our faces!

We’re going to take a little break now and hit the road with KREATOR, which should be a lot of fun! Come party with us and hang out. As soon as we are back we will give the album one last check up and then start recording this beast. Should be warped up and mixed by this summer. Next year it will be the bands 20th anniversary so you can bet that we will deliver the goods. We promise! Lots of cool surprises ahead. See ya!”