The Ocean Discuss New Album Concepts, Reveal Track Listing


The Ocean have revealed more details regarding their new album “Heliocentric“, which is tentatively scheduled for an April 13th release date through Metal Blade. The album, which is the first installment of a two-part conceptual series, will be completed by its companion outing “Anthropocentric” in October.

According to the band “the concept at the base of both albums is a critique of Christianity from different philosophical and personal angles.” They further went on to elaborate on the concept with the following statement:

“While the songs, art and lyrics of “Heliocentric” tell the story of the rise of the heliocentric world view and its effects on Christian belief from medieval times to Darwin and Dawkins, “Anthropocentric” challenges the views of creationists and other modern fundamentalists who still believe that the earth is at the center of the universe.”

Meanwhile, speaking on the sound of the albums themselves they offered the following quote:

“”Heliocentric” continues where the “Proterozoic” half of the “Precambrian“-album left off, with dense, epic songs and big orchestrations. “Anthropocentric” is going to be a bit more straight forward rocking and technical, whilst tapping the full dynamic range from acoustic pieces to eclectic heaviness as well.”

The track listing for “Heliocentric” runs as follows:

01 – “Shamayim
02 – “Firmament
03 – “The First Commandment Of The Luminaries
04 – “Ptolemy Was Wrong
05 – “Metaphysics Of The Hangman
06 – “Catharsis Of A Heretic
07 – “Swallowed By The Earth
08 – “Epiphany
09 – “The Origin Of Species
10 – “The Origin Of God

As previously reported, snippets from the outing can be found here.