Narrows New Distances

Deathwish Inc. 2009

Narrows - New Distances


Narrows are already somewhat infamously known as the new band who feature former Botch frontman Dave Verellen behind the mic. Known to a lesser extent is the fact that alumni of These Arms Are Snakes, Some Girls and Unbroken round out the impressive line-up and for once, a ‘supergroup’ actually deliver what you would expect.

To say Narrows haven’t taken influence from the likes of Verellen‘s past outfit and groups like Coalesce would be foolhardy given the bestial air of aggression and raw edges that shape “New Distances“. What separates Narrows from those outfits though is their searing punk abrasiveness and their lack of oppressive weight. Where as Botch could plow through a mountain, Narrows instead just bulldoze through the house residing atop it and unleash some rather fiery and intricate metallic ferocity doing it.

This caustic quality however was readily displayed on the bands self-titled debut. “New Distances” instead goes above and beyond that to further expand the groups sound through a series of post-metal interludes and ethereal instrumental atmosphere. While this gives the listener ample breathing room, it can also become a bit muddled and tiresome when given how much of a breath of fresh air their antagonistically face melting moments are.

Intensely confrontational, each element of the bands arsenal seems primal and unrestrained, whether it the jaggedly distorted bass lines, the treble laden drums or even th acidic vocals. Alarmingly coarse and intensely predatory, Narrows have clearly come to terms with the combative side of their personality. Where they could use a little work though is trimming down the occasionally bloated instrumental dirge to an equally as lean demeanor.