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Helmet Toss Some Playful Jabs At The Deftones Over Their “Sinatra” Cover

Helmet frontman/guitarist Page Hamilton took some playful jabs at the Deftones for their cover of “Sinatra” during their July 24th set in Denver, CO. Hamilton introduced the song, offering:

“So apparently the Deftones covered this song, I never heard it, I’m sure it’s not as good as our version, but.. I’m thankful to them for covering it, it’s good. I’m sure they fucked up the chords—there’s no way they figured the chords out. I’d tell them that.”

Below you can watch footage of that as well as the aforementioned cover version. Helmet are currently touring with Filter and Local H.


  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    It’s not Chino’s world, he just lives here.

  • mYstic headlock

    Meanwhile, the Deftones don’t have to play with Filter and Local H.

    • Hotdog Fingers

      How can a band do a song ‘better’ than the band that originally wrote the song? You’re dumb as fuck.

      • BlueBalls

        If you think that Page Hamilton’s current band is the same band that originally wrote the song, then you’re dumb as fuck.

        As if you weren’t already dumb for fucking up the simple reply function.

      • mYstic headlock

        Yeah you look pretty stupid hotdog. Work on that, please.

      • carlosfranco

        Uh Deftones cover of Ordinary Love is way better than the original. Any Tool cover is better than the original. Any NIN cover is better than the original. So of course another band can do a song better than the original band.

      • Porpoise Orifice

        No way man Sade’s original is the best. I know you’d rather do Chino than Sade, though.

      • JimCroceLoverXEX

        Guy who thinks NIN, TOOL and Deftones are the best things ever? I bet he has a lot of trophies that were awarded to him due to his expert taste.

      • mYstic headlock

        You’re hitting a little close to home with me there Jim Croce. I think my top 4 bands ever would be NIN, Tool, Deftones, and QOTSA in that order. I found them all before everyone else though so I’m one of the cool ones.

      • vaginacoastguard

        mYstic, you’re quickly becoming one of my least favourite people who frequent this site. Hell, I’d rather get trapped in an elevator with WURST than with you…

      • mYstic headlock

        Please, stop. You’re breaking my heart. All I ever wanted was your approval.

        Don’t give up on me yet, you wonderful bastard.

      • mYstic headlock

        Also, I’m generally pro-wurst, so you’re insult doesn’t carry much weight. Hotdog fingers, shotgun… those are the oafs you don’t want to be caught indoors with.

    • Afghanistam

      Wtf is that even supposed to mean. I went to that show last week and filter blew my mind. First time seeing filter and I would see them again in a heartbeat. And local h was fun as hell. You’re a dingleberry, headlock.

      • adamonfire

        I think it was more snide comment than insult – does anybody here actually dislike Filter? They’re very solid at what they do, especially when Patrick is sober and giving a fuck. Plus, him and Chino are bff’s.

      • Kuthridge
      • mYstic headlock

        Yeah it was more tongue in cheek than a carlosfranco trademarked trolling attempt. I’ve seen Filter a few times, have never been boon away by them, but respect nonetheless. But come on, can you see Deftones playing with Local H? They’re too busy getting wicked blowjobs from girls confusing them for Avenged Sevenfold.

        You’ve given me something to think about though, Afghan, dingleberry headlock has a pretty sweet ring to it.

      • mYstic headlock

        Boon=blown. Bleh

      • carlosfranco

        Not sure why I was brought up in this. I love Filter. And Deftones for that matter and would love to see Filter open up for them. Local H, I could care less about.

      • JimCroceLoverXEX

        Deftones fall spent touring with A7X saw them get to play to 5,00-8,500 cunts who just stood there on their phones nightly.

      • mYstic headlock

        I brought you up Carlos because Afghan was under the impression I was throwing out one of your many Sevendust sucks comments.

        My message was I don’t hate Filter like you do Seven dust, I just have little use for them in 2014.

      • JimCroceLoverXEX

        I work with a guy who saw NIN a bunch in 87/88 when they were doing clubs. I like picking his brain about shit like that as I was born in 89. He also told me about the time his friend interviewed Henry Rollins at a Black Flag show and did a spot-on Rollins impression.

      • carlosfranco

        Filter’s last album was actually pretty good. Hell they’ve only had one album that doesn’t hold up. Filter isn’t the best but never really disappoints.

      • mYstic headlock

        Used to be TR played as NIN with just him and a boom box. THATS old school. I didn’t see them until 2005 or so I’m just a liar.

        Also, the greatest thing Richard Patrick ever did? Not Filter. I’ll give you two guesses.

      • 2Ready2Jiggle

        Army of Anyone?

      • mYstic headlock

        Nailed it. Get it. NAILED it? That was straight off the cuff fellas.

      • carlosfranco

        Technically the best thing Richard Patrick ever did was be in NIN unfortunately I didn’t get to see NIN till 1994 just after he left.

    • snake

      except didn’t chico join filter on stage not too long ago?

  • myownsake26

    Deftones’ version is better. And yeah they used their own chords. I don’t think there’s any dispute to that.

    • MarkDTS

      It appears that blatant sarcasm is lost on this crowd.

  • bullybrew

    I’d love to see these bands tour together and play this song. What’s not to love about these 2 bands!

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      What’s not to love? Both bands don’t have new albums.

      • Buddy Baker

        I would wholeheartedly support a Deftones/Helmet tour. Put Failure on the bill and BOOM, you have all my money.

  • Buddy Baker

    I love both versions of the song. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate.

  • dmoe

    haha nice. Chino now has to tour with them to complete the circle.

  • kirk

    page has he’s been saying that for years

  • revstevo

    between the chosen tour support and the oversight of a covers album that charted higher than any of his own, i’m guessing that Page is about 9 years behind the rest of us.

    • Buddy Baker

      I get the gist of what you are saying, however, Helmet’s ‘Meantime’ debuted at number 8 on the billboard charts in 1992, and went gold in 1993; which would in fact mean it both charted higher and outsold Deftones’ ‘B-Sides and Rarities’. The more you know.

      • JimCroceLoverXEX


  • TheDevilsAdvocate

    Chino’s helmet rates higher with the ladies these days.


    Chino is a fat cry baby mexican and all 4 of bands talked about in this post suck Coati cock.

  • JimCroceLoverXEX

    I thought Helmet was a lot more popular than they really are. They’re playing Reggies in Chicago which holds 400 people and it’s been on-sale a good month and tickets are $25 and it hasn’t sold out yet which I figured it would do immediately if fucking Bolt Thrower can sell out 2 shows there in 3 days. I would have loved to seen that Helmet/Filter/Local H tour. I’ve been around Chicago my whole life so I’m able to see Local H 3 times a month if I want (they’re great live but unless it’s a cover set I’ve probably seen the set they’re gonna do 16 times) but Filter and Helmet really don’t come around much.

    • 2Ready2Jiggle

      If this were the classic Helmet line-up and everything from Size Matters and onward never happened, they’d probably be able to cram 1500-2000 people in a club on a regular basis with no problem. It’s a shame how far Page’s star has fallen.

      Having said that, I would have been all over this tour had it come my way, even if it’s really just three frontmen trying to keep the dream going with an ever-revolving door. Seriously, Local H are on, what, their fourth drummer? Gotta be tough with only two dudes in the band.

      • JimCroceLoverXEX

        I believe 3rd. All though they have gone through a bunch of backing live muscians as well. Local H is opening up the Chicago stop of that Linkin Park/30STM/AFI tour though.

      • mYstic headlock

        I just personally have never cared enough about any of these bands to feel like any should still exist. I could probably make the best case for Local H, as the other two just seem kind of sad. My opinion, though, I know there’s a lot of Helmet and Filter fans here. Enjoy the fuck out of it I don’t mind.

      • 2Ready2Jiggle

        Thanks for giving us permission to enjoy Filter.

      • mYstic headlock

        Well it would have been NICE had you asked first.

    • TheMediaProphet

      Yea, I saw them at The End two years ago. A hole in the wall wall that local bands have to play before playing the Exit/In. There might have been 30 people there. I was embarrassed at my so-called Music City. Hella cool for us that showed up, though. Page was funny as fuck and I stood three feet from the stage.

      I will definitely be there when they play Exit/In next month. This show is a 90′s kid’s wet dream.