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Tool Members Play Private Concert For The WWE’s ‘Three Man Band’

An avid WWE fan, Tool guitarist Adam Jones invited professional wrestlers Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal—collectively known as the Three Man Bandto the bands storied loft rehearsal space. Photographic evidence of the meeting of minds and a rather seaworthy beard can be seen below. According to McIntyre‘s Twitter, the outfit got a private concert from the band of “Sober“, “Schism” and “Forty Six & 2″.

Jones‘ love for all things WWE has been well documented in the past, having proposed to his wife at a ‘Royal Rumble‘ PPV, and performing the “Star Spangled Banner at a ‘Summerslam‘ event.

No word yet on the bands new album, but they will be touring the West Coast in the near future.


  • jampola

    Chelsea FC! Fuck yes!

  • CanYouTransfuse

    God damn…….Tool is getting older looking.

    And talk about never judging a book by it’s cover.

    “Tools Guitarist Enormous WWE Fan”

    Craziness, haha. Respect for liking what you like……awesome.

  • Sniki

    Only bad thing about this whole thing… Why did it have to be 3MB, and not someone more interesting/relevant?

    Also, is it me, or they all look like starstruck fanboys of each other? Their faces are totally saying “OMG, it’s Tool!” or “OMG, it’s some WWE guys!” – which is awesome, if you ask me.

  • Aggroculture

    Tool will do anything if it postpones recording that damn new album.

    • Lifeseclipse

      No shit. TOOL is like the System of a Down of music. No, wait…

  • dan12con

    Ok, this is awesome.

  • goop

    and no one complained about the set list?