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Nativ (Ex-Attack Attack!) Derailed By Infighting And Legal Battles

Nativ—the new outfit that sprung from the ashes of Attack Attack!—have already been derailed by a verbal/physical confrontation between two members and the legal battle that followed. Featuring four ex-members of Attack Attack!, the group officially launched this past September.

Frontman Phil Druyor took to the bands Facebook today (November 13th) for the revealing tale of his experiences and frustrations with the band thus far:


My name is Phil Druyor. I don’t believe that I’ve ever formally introduced myself to the seemingly large number of you that have been so kind as to show both interest and support for a few bands that I’ve been fortunate enough to be in. I will try to explain why throughout this update, but before I type another sentence, I should mention that what you are about to read will contain very little good news. If I am lucky enough to still have your attention after telling you that, I urge you to grab your coffee and cigarettes or whatever it is that you preoccupy yourself with while reading, and have a seat knowing that I fully appreciate the fact that some of you still care.

I promise to be absolutely honest with you so long as you make the same effort to be understanding. This industry contains enough hatred, and it breaks my heart to see it happen between bands and fans. I was asked to be in Attack Attack! before our transition into Nativ, and have been so disheartened at the level of apathy exhibited by some of the longtime fans that it almost made me lose sight of the fact that so many of you are so incredible to me in so many ways. For that I am sorry. If I could apologize to all 1.9 million of you individually I would. If you are someone that was significantly impacted in a negative way by my decision to start making music with this group of people, I am genuinely apologetic.

To start, I should say that since my decision to join this band, the amount of decision making that I was allowed throughout my time with both groups has been extremely minimal. I won’t present it as a certainty, but it is likely that I, and most other members of the group have been kept in the dark about countless details that most would consider important information. I’ve been in this band for a whole year now, and there are still people that work for us that I have never once spoken to despite my frequent requests to have these conversations.

The amount of frustration I’ve endured due to these decisions being made that affect the careers of others without their consent is scary. The anxiety/depression that happened to me at the peak of all this was ultimately enough to put me in the hospital a couple weeks ago. Again, I’ll try my hardest to be as honest as I can if you try your hardest to understand. These are the kinds of happenings that have lead us to where we are currently at.

As it stands at this very moment, Nativ is at a halt. No shows, no album details, no new songs… Nothing. When Attack Attack! ended, I had figured it was the last time that I ever had to be in a band that seemed to have an ever changing lineup. Sadly, not the case here. In the last month, a verbal / physical altercation between two of our members has occurred, leaving neither of them willing to be involved with anything having to do with the other.

They are currently being mediated by a man in a suit in an effort to divide what was left of Attack Attack! equally, and then probably tell me how much debt Nativ is now in after all is said and done. Since I was never signed on to the business side of things for either band (Not my choice), I am told that it doesn’t involve me. I’ve tried to make contact with the appropriate people so that I can verify that, but the few conversations I have had with said people have been little to no help.

I know that this information seems scattered, but please understand that I can only tell you what I’ve been told, and that isn’t very much at this point. For that, I am also sorry. This is something that I’ve had no control over whatsoever. If I could have fixed this situation instead of having to type this letter, I would have.

I want so badly to be able to give you guys new music and new tours, and even more than that I’d like to feel like we’re doing something constructive instead of always contributing to such negative news postings. Right now at the very least I have two musicians by my side that have been around since the birth of Nativ, and even longer than that if you consider the fact that they are two of the best friends I’ve ever had.

Their names are Mike and Will Honto. They are twins. And they are two of the hardest working individuals I’ve had the privilege of knowing. We are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make this band function correctly in a way that will allow us to be a positive influence on those of you still listening, but I am afraid that the remaining members have taken a great deal of effort to prevent such a thing.

I’m sorry that we’re not that band at the moment, but I promise you that I’ve made every effort to make this work while it was broken. I’ve lost my sanity over this and I am in no way ashamed to admit it. I’m not sure what I could have done better, but I sure am sorry for not doing it.

At the end of the day, the majority of what you just read is absolute bullshit and completely distracting from what is truly important. The music. I just spent an entire year making an album that I put everything I had into, in the hopes that it would help someone get through something. In the hopes that the things I’ve been through would help someone feel like they aren’t the only one. I’ve written an album for the underdogs. Because I’ve always been one. I don’t know how long it’s going to take Mike, Will and I to sort this out, but I assure you that we will do so as quickly as possible.

I couldn’t possibly express how truly grateful I am for those of you who have made it to the end of this letter and still have interest in this group and the music we make. We owe everything we’ll ever have to you, and if that so happens to be nothing, I will understand. I won’t stop trying, but I will understand. This is me admitting that I need you guys more than you need me.

If this doesn’t pan out, I will not be done making music. I will brush myself off just as I am used to doing. I’ve already started on a new project that I haven’t announced yet should I be unlucky enough to not be able to share this record with you guys. I only hope that there are those of you still willing to listen. And if you are absolutely uninterested at this point, no hard feelings. It’s been a long ride for you guys and I understand that.

All my love.


  • jrr

    That was one of the more respectable “my fellow band members suck” posts I’ve read on here. Kudos to him for keeping it tactful.

  • adamonfire

    I was at their first show in Chicago, not bad pop-punk with a touch of what remained of Attack Attack! But from what I remember, a “physical confrontation” probably didn’t result in too much damage.


    2 shitty failed bands now learn from life’s lessons and do Not start another.

    • JimCroceLoverXEX

      I’m sure if they were Screwdriver or Pluton Svea you’d consider them smashing successes.



        Both bands have made some great songs.

        Tho I like Moshpit , Blue Eyed Devils , Aggravated Assault , Eternal Bleeding , Brainwash , A Path Of Resistance a little more and I’m only naming a handful of pro-white bands I enjoy. I could go on forever listing them all.

      • revstevo


    • nymets71087

      First time I’ve seen Shotgun with positive feedback. Is the thumb down icon not working?

    • BEASTcoast

      SGFL, you are an incredibly pathetic loser and everyone knows it. Evolution itself is designed to eliminate your kind of irrelevant atavism and somewhere deep in the purulent recesses of your blinded mind you know this and therefore lash out with a fearful and impotent exhalation of obsolescence and frustration at a progressing world that has rendered you the new minority – the insecure and powerless white male who lacks the intelligence, creativity, or even integrity to keep pace with the inexorable forces of expansion and transcendence. The longer you cower and tremble in your futile regression, unable even to end the shameful mistake of your parents, the more you will lose face, until there is nothing left of what little brain was wasted on your sniveling life. Even you, who can see nothing but your own wounded delusion know this to be true.


        Not even gonna waste my time reading all your nonsense because honestly you mean shit to me, But what I will say to you is

        blah blah blah cry more .

      • MyDarkPassenger

        Lot of big words in there. Someone likes their Tool records…

      • nymets71087

        Or someone has bookmarked

      • BEASTcoast

        Yes, Tool have high IQs. And yes, they are better than you. I don’t need thesauri, cuz I like, read…. books. They’re these things that make you all smart n shit.

        And SGFL, i know you don’t like trying to sound out big words and it make your head hurt, but I felt duty-bound to remind you what’s what since y’know, you have your dirty filthy piehole firmly wedged up and licking the inside of your lily-white ass.

        And your ‘cry more’ comment is the ultimate in irony because nobody BUT NOBODY cries and whines more than you disenfranchised “white-power” goons. Crying like the red-headed bastard child that the world has left behind.

        You are spittle in the wind my inbred, backwater homonculus friend. Don’t hate on your superiors.

        Just because you make it so easy to school you.

      • BEASTcoast

        I just want to add that ALL of this is spittle in the wind, mine included. We sit here and lazily comment on the fruits of others’ labor. Some of that fruit should not have been labored over, but that’s what taste is for.

        Some spittle flies out the fingers of intelligent and evolving individuals with impeccable taste.

        Then there’s Shotgun…

        and anyone who believes he should not commit suicide.


        Blah Blah Blah beast hates Whitey. I can’t believe you wasted your time writing full paragraphs to me thinking I would give a fuck.

      • BEASTcoast

        I know you don’t give a fuck. You’re too far gone and lost to care about reasoned, intelligent, and foolproof argumentation. if you were to abandon your denial, you would look exactly like your avatar.

        e.g. you misinterpreted my assessment of you as hating Whitey. i don’t hate anyone. hate is your game. i just pity bigots. and enjoy shining the light of my advanced intellect on the yawning pit of your bottomless ignorance.

        and you keep on reading it, and if you have any conscience left you feel shame and a longing for the self-worth that you either never had, or was brutally stolen from you when your dirty drunken redneck daddy raped you in your family’s trailer after beating your fat whore mama senseless.


        Let me DRAIMANIZE it since you’re slow:


      • ZMA

        Look at Mr. Philosophical over here, with his long, tedious words. My brain………MY BRAIN! I R CNT RAED!!

      • BEASTcoast

        ZING!!! you really got me there. good one.

        It’s called pearls before swine. Guess which one you are?

        “Pearls before swine” and “casting pearls” refer to a quotation from Matthew 7:6 in Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount, implying that you should not put what is valuable in front of those who will reject the notion that it has value and furthermore that they will seek to diminish or destroy what you offer.

        ie You added so much to this debate.

  • JimCroceLoverXEX

    With the amount of in-fighting/mental illness and all around shit luck this band goes through I’m convinced they accidentally hit a old Gypsy women with their tour van.

  • kalima666

    i don’t even care enough to read any of this. you lost me at attack attack

  • MyDarkPassenger

    This guy makes Robb Flynn’s posts look like a twiitter feed. Sheesh.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      After further review, it turns out I just was much less interested in this guy’s deal. Sometimes I gotta call myself out.

  • ZMA

    I was never an Attack Attack! fan really. But I like Phil in I Am Abomination, and I liked what I heard from the Nativ stuff, so it’s a shame to think it might not happen or the music might not see official release. I can respect Phil’s opinions on the whole thing. Not trying to talk outright shit to his band members. Just voicing concerns, because he’s just as much a music lover as the people who scour sites like this to read up on their favorite bands. Hope everything works out even if it means this band never happening. No one needs that stress.

  • schuler


  • notafan

    This would have never happened had they worn Jynco’s and wallet chains.

  • wjveryzer

    Ive spoke to andrew(guitar) and he said the album will definitely be released. There just trying to figure out all the details on who gets what since the band is no more.

  • Sniki

    I gave a grand total of zero fucks about Attack Attack, but I quite like the couple tunes they’ve released as Nativ, especially the first song, ‘Lately’… I was actually looking around a couple days ago to see if they had released something else, or if there were news of an album coming out, or whatever.

    No idea who was responsible for the music released as Nativ, but I can only hope whoever did it starts something else along the same lines, regardless of the fights, or lineup changes, or whatever.

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