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The Amity Affliction Vocalist Calls Out Memphis May Fire’s Matty Mullins At ‘Vans Warped Tour’

The Amity Affliction frontman Joel Birch recently called out Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins during a ‘Vans Warped Tour‘ stop. A fan-filmed clip of that can be seen below. While the video clip doesn’t exactly convey the context of the diss, the uploader of the video provided the following about the rant:

“Supposedly, Matty Mullins basically said to his fans that they dressed like sluts or something to that effect…which no frontman should ever dish out to their fans like that, so Joel of TAA took a stand for what he believes in. BUT, I personally believe there is way more to it and a side that not even I would know of, so we don’t really know the full story right now. Try to stay respectful for each other guys.”

A since deleted tweet from Mullins made on July 11th referenced the uploaders story, it read as follows:

“Today on stage I reminded girls that they don’t need to dress slutty to get attention from REAL men. That’s all : ) #Jezebel”

Mullins seems to have since tweeted about the situation again, offering the following yesterday:

“Drama, Rumors, Lies… Always been above it, always will be. Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Back to the Music : )”


  • Sam Eagle

    When the unknown singer of an unknown band calls out the unknown singer of another unknown band…does anyone really give a flying fuck?

    • CanYouTransfuse

      Well, you cared enough to comment about it and ask other’s what they thought, so yes to answer your question, you do.

      This site is seriously funny sometimes man.


      Preach on, Sam. This type of shit has me less and less interested in coming to a site I’ve loved for almost 15 years.

  • captain nemo

    This can be summed up by basic math.

    Youth and/or Ego + downtime = Drama.

  • amshadows

    sexism equated to female empowerment, right. this guy needs to stop telling young women / women what to wear, what to do with their life… not your body, not your opinion.

    • nickygoods

      Wow that comment just solidified why you are truly gay, not just your like for king of the hill.

      • Justanotherpassenger

        Lets leave the KotH out of this. Mike Judge is a God. I happen to love his avatar. In the episode, Hank elects to rent this comedically large U-Haul type truck to move about six to eight pieces of furniture. He wants to feel like a trucker, so he opts for the biggest truck they have. In the episode, Bobby his is co-pilot and finally gets to drink coffee, hence his excitement in the photo above.

        Needless to say, further chaos ensues during a comedy of errors as Bill, Boomhaur and Dale stow away in the truck. A classic episode. Watch out for special guest voices.

        Judging someone based on their avatar is about as Internet Pro as you can get. If I subscribed to this, I’d probably reason that you are a colossal douche based on your Erimha avatar. From what I’ve heard/seen, they are black/death metal cookie cutters who want desperately to be taken seriously even though they look like the discarded cum fantasies of a 14 year old Cradle of Filth fan sitting by her lonesome in her posh estate right outside of London. I’d have to conclude that anyone that actually bought into that bullshit is as low thinking as it gets, as evidenced by your amazing insight, “you are truly gay.”

        However, I don’t subscribe to that brand of thinking, so carry on.

      • nickygoods

        Mike judge is god? Then I’m thankful for my cookie cutter black metal beliefs that god doesn’t exist. As for that 14 year old cradle of filth fan sex fantasy you described, bump up the age to 18 and watch how a real man gets down! And don’t worry you can watch il even shave my ass for you. Makes the gonzo shot look better. You’ll enjoy yourself, afterwords we can watch some Logo on satellite, oh you gays and your style tv!

      • nickygoods

        Oh and I meant to comment that I like your nickname “just another passenger” is that the name of your male escort service? And is that a tool avatar or a true to life inside diagram of cum actually traveling down your throat?

      • Justanotherpassenger

        18 huh? Well congrats on being done with high school, and man I’m really sorry for the bigger guys that picked on you in the showers after gym class, but Jesus, homophobic much? I mean sure, I blow lines of dudes just as much as the next guy – hey, I can’t speech to text right now due to the 13 inches down my throat – but damn, the whole gay thing is clearly consuming your day.

      • amshadows

        I am so gay. The gayest gay.

        King of the Hill is comedic genius. You just mad that me and Bobby Hill got more pussy than you ever have.

        Ps. I’m a girl. In case you didn’t get that comment.

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    Psh, what’s this fuck talking about?
    I love sluts!

  • Zombee187

    I think he was just offended because he is dressed like a slut. Those were some pretty short shorts there, Richard Simmons would be proud.


      It’s sad and true at the same time how the hell are all these over produced rejected emo “meterosexuals” or whatever peoples girl pants calls themselves are now popular all of a sudden.
      I remember years back they used to have a decent band or 2 on the vans warped tour. Now its just repetitive garbage.

      PS both these bands are shit I wouldn’t even waste the bandwidth to youtube there music let alone download an album of there. Whoever bought an album from one of these bands should take a hammer and smash themselves in the face. It will most likely be an improvement anyway.

  • nickygoods

    Who would’ve guessed: they sing like women, dress like women, judge outfits like women and now gossip like women!


      o well even surgery wouldn’t allow them to be women. It’s just not in their DNA.

      People Hate Facts. Here is an opinion.

      Males in their late teens – early 30s wearing girl pants deserved a beatdown and/or a bullet.

  • CanYouTransfuse

    “Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.”

    Quote of the mother fucking year right here. So true.

    • BlueBalls

      Says the guy who is always trying to convince strangers of how successful he is.

      • BloodyBoneKummer


      • CanYouTransfuse

        Convincing would mean that what I was saying was untrue. I need not convince you of anything, but REMINDING you…..well, that is a whole different story sweets.

  • jesseventura

    Seriously? The quote is great, but like it matters coming from The Amity Affliction. Boring.

  • Ganglor

    Or you know, maybe the women are dressing “slutty” because it’s usually always hotter than the devils asshole at the Warped Tour so layers are shed.

    Simple logic aside, don’t tell women how to dress. You’re the fucking entertainment and these people came to be entertained; not to have some ass hat try to shame them about their attire.

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    Whether I believe he should or shouldn’t be speaking to fans on attire, I do know that at some point, most kids listen to bands they love over their parents. With that said, I was 10 when I saw Pantera in Anchorage, and if Phil would’ve told me to study hard for ventriloquism, I damn well would’ve.
    Maybe it’d be nice to offer pro-self-actualization and utilitarianistic words if you have that much clout.

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    I blame Varg for shitty scenecore drama

  • SevenIsMyName

    “And also if anyone in the crowd has ever stolen something, or lied, you can fuckin leave too.” He’s just making sure he touches all the prime points, and gets his audience sorted before blowing their well developed minds, with well developed music….

  • Lifeseclipse

    In related news, a guy laid on his horn when another driver pulled out in front of him. Witnesses could not identify either party.

  • AMeN

    I only heard of Memphis back in the day when Trustkill still had some creditability. I lived in Europe for a while for school so some of my Australian friends got me into Amity. They’re a decent band, generic a tad but catchy. MMF have virtually no original members from their original Trustkill release and sound nothing like they used to, therefore they are in the wrong here. Anyone remember Diecast, yeah we have a Diecast on our hands.

    • adamonfire

      Saw Diecast last month, still sweet. Same with MMF whom I will be seeing Friday and/or Saturday.

  • Khan

    Fat, ugly, dirty, black, white, brown, and skinny sluts can dress any way they want. . . Clothes are optional in this house!

  • arsonist

    Seriously guys? Matty just basically said that girls don’t need to dress slutty for a guy to like them. In no way whatsoever was he calling his female fans sluts. Also, he wasn’t telling anyone how to dress. I don’t know how people get all of these things out of a simple piece of advice. People just misinterpreted what he said.

  • Travis Tuttle

    I’m just wondering why this has sparked such a large debate. It’s pretty irrelevant as far as news goes.


      What are we debating if males in girl pants are gay? I vote yes.I mean hell they are cross dressing duh…

      • Travis

        Well its like wtf, the one dude says something about the way girls are dressing and the other dude doesn’t like it and feels the need to speak out. IMO this shouldn’t even have been posted by wookubus as worthy news on this site. Guess it was a slow day.

  • randomGUY843

    from my view, he was really calling out douchey guys. if you look at the context of the tweet (and by context i mean the capitalized word, seriously this is so blatantly obvious) he said that women dont have to dress slutty to get the attention of “REAL men”, so again, he was obviusly calling out douchey and telling girls that they dont have dress slutty to get those a-holes attention when there is a much nicer guy out there who will love them for more than that.

  • nickygoods

    Why is this story on here? Have we learned nothing from the awful “goth/ nu metal outbreak of the early 00′s? Their only weakness is less attention. If we practice ignoring these bands they will diminish. It’s our only hope! #hashtagsareforfags #makeatruedifference


      Why did you comment on this again months later then? Let it fucking die off. Just like these no name gay ass bands will.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      Yeah just commenting on this made it reappear in the top stories section. Good job, dickwad.

  • banainaimai

    Mullins a is honestly a fucking cunt.Stop with you lr religious bs jezebel is just a part of human life it’s not anything spiritual people have jealousy and hate and love these are real emotions not created by some god or demon it is a human emotion.Freedom is what this country was started from,and a lot of us plan to do everything we can to keep it that way.Btw,your music is fucking amazing,so I really do wish you weren’t a cunt,but actually I don’t care what you think because your good music is over….Nothing is better than The Hollow…Ok.